Extreme Academic Makeover

Maximize College Student Learning in Just One Session

Melissa Brocato is Assistant Vice Provost and Executive Director of the Louisiana State University Center for Academic Success (CAS), one of the first NCLCA certified national centers of excellence in the country. She has dedicated her over 25-year career in education, which began as a high school teacher, to student academic success. She is dedicated to innovating practical strategies based on cognitive science research to continue to increase student learning.

As Learning Center professionals, students build trust with us, and share information about their lives and situations. These times are often teachable moments through which we can mentor students with the learning strategies needed to equip them for college-level learning and beyond.

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) at Louisiana State University regularly sees academic and personal success stories from students who attend only one session utilizing these learning strategies developed by practitioners over three decades. The CAS has translated cognitive science principles into practical and achievable strategies which help students get organized, understand their unique learning style, prepare for tests and reduce their stress.

This webinar shows a variety of activities designed to teach these learning process and strategies to engage students, and are also invited to share their own success stories and tools.

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Extreme Academic Makeover: Maximize College Student Learning in Just One Session

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