Custom Programming Services

Our software applications are off-the-shelf software and not custom-built to each user.  Off-the-shelf software offers many benefits including:

  • Fraction of the cost of custom-built software.
  • Ready to go now.  You don't need to wait for the software to be developed.
  • Mature and more reliable software that has been tested and improved through the years.
  • Higher quality because of dedicated development and support team.  

Off-the-shelf software is offered as is.  This means users are not entitled to ordering changes to existing features or adding new features.  If there is something in the software that you would like to work differently, or if you need a new feature added, then you have two options:

1. You can send the request as a suggestion via the by User Voice feedback system.  Our developers look at suggestions there when they work on future releases.  There is no gurantee that a specific suggestion will be implemented.  There is no timeline for implementation either.

2. You can pay for custom-development to add the features. The fee for custom programming depends on the time it would take to design, program, test, debug, and publish the requested fearure.  Custom programming fees typically range between few hundres to few thousands of dollars.  Email us with your requirements and we will send you a price quote. 

Since our software is used by many users, any custom-develped feature will be published and used by all users.  As a result, the requested feature must be useful to all users of the system.  We will not implement features that will adversely affect other users of the software.

Contact us if you have any questions.