Accudemia Communities Guide

Before we get started you may be asking "What is Accudemia Communities?"  Accudemia Communities is an online student community that connects you to people on your campus.  You can find the perfect roommate, sell your unneeded stuff, and much more.  The great thing is this is a closed community so there is no outside users or businesses using this website. This means that everyone on here is officially registered and attending your school or institution.

To get started using the Accudemia Communities you can:

(1) visit the following website and setup an account:

As you can see this screen gives you many different ways to sign-up for an account such as facebook, twitter, and google+ which will be verified against your college e-mail address.


(2) while visiting a Center on campus that is using Accudemia you can sign-up from the sign-in station:


(3) Request login credentials through the Accudemia online web portal that you already login to schedule appointments at your campus' centers:

NOTE: If you login to Accudemia as a System Admin and click the Communities navigation you'll have the opportunity to invite all your Students to join your institution's Accudemia Community.  To do this simply click the Invite all Students button to the right of the Join the Community button on that page.

Once you sign-up either way you'll be sent an email to verify your college email address like the following:

Simply click the link to verify your account information is correct.