Accudemia Research Paper

Reducing Student Frustration and Operational Cost
with Efficient Appointment Scheduling

We know that when you bring center management software into your workflow, the transition period must be as seamless as possible for both your center staff and your students. Whether it be a tutoring center, advising office, or academic coaching department, an easy-to-navigate user interface is essential for the fast-paced work of higher education professionals. We diligently strive to achieve excellence in user design for our clients and we believe we have achieved this with our latest version of Accudemia.

A recent study compared Accudemia 7.0 to previous versions as well as a leading competitor. The study revealed that Accudemia 7.0 is easier to use and can cut down on your center costs as well. Download the Research Paper to read the full report.

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Accudemia Research Paper

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