Engineerica Accudemia FAQ: Updated Accudemia Licensing Fees

FAQ: Updated Accudemia Licensing Fees

What changes are you making to the current licensing model?

Starting on October 1, 2023, the Accudemia Licensing fees are changing as follows:

  • Accudemia License Fee – First Center: $3,700
  • Accudemia License Fee – Additional Center: $2,395
  • Accudemia Light License Fee: $2,500

In addition, we are making the following changes to the pricing model:

  • Accudemia Light License – SSO Setup Fee: $500 (one-time)
  • Accudemia Essentials License – Active Student Limit: 3,000
  • Accudemia Light License – Support Monthly Limit: 10 Support Units
  • Accudemia Essentials License – Support Monthly Limit: 5 Support Units
  • Accudemia License – iAccu Licenses: 1 free per center.

Why did the license fee go up?

  1. The current Accudemia pricing model was announced on Feb 4, 2016 – that’s 7.5 years ago.  The pricing has not changed in the past 7.5 years.
  2. According to the US Government CPI calculator, $1,000 in Feb 2016 has the same buying power as $1,209 in August of 2023.  This means if we increased our pricing by 21%, then that would only make the price equivalent in buying power to our fee in 2016! (due to inflation)
  3. Inflation has increased our costs substantially.  Our labor costs went up dramatically.  These include the salaries of our programmers, support staff, and other employees.  Our overhead costs have also increased.  These include our software web hosting fees, utilities, etc.
  4. We have put a lot of additional resources into Accudemia in the past few years.  This includes hiring more development and support staff to improve the service.

I am getting ready to order Accudemia for the first time, how does this affect me?

All Accudemia orders placed on October 1st or after are subject to the new pricing model.  However, if you have a price quote that was generated before October 1, then this price quote is valid for 30 days and we would honor the quote during that period.

I am an existing Accudemia user, how does this affect me?

Your current pricing model will remain in effect until your license renewal date. The new licensing model will be applied to your invoice when you renew your license.

My current budget is locked and I cannot pay more.  What do I do?

Contact your Accudemia sales rep ASAP. We will work with you to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Accudemia Light and Accudemia Essentials users have certain number of Support Units.  Can you explain what a Support Unit is?

  • A Support Unit is 30 minutes of our support staff member’s time. If two people work on your issue for 30 minutes, then that counts as two Support Units.
  • Any part of a Support Unit used counts as a full Unit.
  • Minimum one support unit per call, ticket, e-mail message, or online support meeting.
  • Monthly Support Units allowance resets every month as long as the subscription is valid (it replaces and does not add to last month’s balance).

Can Accudemia Light and Accudemia Essentials users buy Support Units?

Yes.  If a user runs out, they can buy support units.  The fee is $99 per Support Unit, or a pack of 5 Support Units for $295.

I have more questions, who can help me?

Please contact your Accudemia sales rep or email with your questions.



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