What is Accudemia?

A cloud-based center management system for your day-to-day operations.

Access Accudemia from any internet browser and connect to your school’s platform through single sign-on (SSO). This student support services technology handles your everyday needs including appointment scheduling, walk-in/drop-in services, in-person or virtual meetings, tutoring or advising notes, session logs, staff scheduling, data reporting, and role management for one or multiple centers.

Accudemia works for

Learning Centers

Success Centers

Academic Tutoring



Writing Centers

Math labs

Language labs

Science labs

What can you do with Accudemia?

You will be able to determine the service types available and customize the settings such as length and frequency for appointment scheduling, how close to the time an appointment can be made, as well as staff members’ availability for individual or group sessions. Allow single or recurring appointments based on your center’s offerings. Students can make their own appointments online or you can restrict appointment scheduling to your staff members. You can even set up a hold on appointment scheduling for students who miss a set number of their appointments, called a no-show limit. Tailored appointment confirmations, reminders, or cancelation messages go out automatically via email and/or text. Any virtual meeting email reminders will contain links to your integrated meeting platform, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Messages can be customized for each center and students and staff can upload and share documents prior to the meeting.

Accudemia’s sign-in kiosks can be set up to handle the tracking of appointments or walk-in students. If a drop-in, the student can be asked to select their reason for the visit and desired services and/or course for which they need help unless these are pre-selected for them. You can also enable waiting queues where needed. Wait-line management screens enable staff to quickly see who is waiting and check students into the center. Alerts can be set to be sent to your staff members letting them know of waiting students. You can even cast your wait-line to another screen so students know when they are next in line. Waiting lines can be turned on and off depending on the center traffic patterns.

See your traffic patterns, session logs, staff hours, appointment frequency, and more using the 50+ reports available in Accudemia. Filter by staff, center, student, service, course, groups, and more. Export using Excel, CSV, pdf, and other formats. Even save, store, schedule, and share reports. Data from these reports can be helpful in staff scheduling, funding requests, and strategic planning. Create groups and track specific students or staff.

Communicate via email and/or text with individuals or groups of students or staff. Chat with students looking for quick information, or start sessions on-demand. Keep everyone informed of processes or important changes through the tools available in Accudemia.

Collect feedback through surveys of students after their visit, or have staff fill out a session evaluation form to better understand the experience of your students and make improvements to your center. Know your staff, students, and center operations better through the use of Accudemia.

Accudemia includes high-caliber support from our skilled technology specialists.

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To request support, please visit our support page or call our support team at 407-366-7700 during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Eastern Time) or email support@accudemia.com 

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