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About Accudemia

Accudemia is a cloud-based academic center management system with many powerful features that benefit administrators, staff, and students alike. Through the software, administrators can track and manage both staff and students, automate daily operations, and pull relevant reports.


Staff can benefit from the easy-to-use interface during the sign-in/out process and students can benefit by scheduling appointments online and giving honest feedback about their experience. In addition to the product itself, Accudemia comes with excellent support provided via phone, email, and live online meetings. We are here to support you and your needs.

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Online Appointment Scheduling

  • Access and schedule from anywhere with an internet browser
  • Automate email and/or text appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Supports on-campus/face-to-face and virtual services
  • Track no-shows and set restrictions
  • Attach documents to appointments for asynchronous services

Drop-In Visit Management

  • Create a computer kiosk for students to swipe/scan their ID to sign into and out of in-person sessions
  • Offer a drop-in option to support students virtually in real-time
  • Track visit data such as service, course/activity, and instructor
  • Enable a waiting queue for students to be pulled from when staff become available

Center Operations Management

  • Single and multi-center capability
  • Manage center operations based on traffic data and feedback
  • Oversee staff schedule, hours, and assigned services
  • Supervise and see all scheduled appointments for students
  • Leave notes on sessions and/or complete assessments

Surveys and Feedback

  • Create custom and unlimited feedback surveys
  • Collect valuable feedback from students and staff
  • Increase student involvement and improve assessment
  • Upgrade services based on student evaluations

Data and Reporting

  • Choose from over 50 built-in reports
  • Multiple formats and filters
  • Traffic analysis
  • Address needs of student groups such as At-Risk, Probation, and Sports Teams
  • Save, schedule, and share reports

Top Features and Benefits

  • Tracking of virtual sessions and appointments
  • Integration with Zoom and other platforms for online sessions
  • Outlook 365 or Google Calendar integration
  • Traffic analysis and attendance reports
  • …and more!


Gwynedd-Mercy College

Meredith Hoch-Oescher

Director - Academic Resource Center

We have been so pleased with Accudemia! The product fits our Center's scheduling needs very nicely. Furthermore, their support team is very responsive, patient, and helpful. It was definitely the right choice for us!

Rochester College

Phebe Dollan

Academic Center for Excellent Assistant

Accudemia is a scheduling program with a sleek look and easy navigation.   Our tutoring center is really pleased with its performance from speed, access, and supporting staffs.  Unlike others, Accudemia support staffs are attentive and quick in solving technical problems. Their solutions are details and easy to follow.   In addition, Accudemia gives a thorough training, videos tutorial, and details instructions. What a great program and excellent customer service!

Saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago, IL

Harold Hayes

Residency Administrative Coordinator

I just wanted to write a brief note about the excellent customer service and technical expertise Nick Armstrong provided to me recently.  I called the support line needing assistance with importing a large number of employees into Accudemia for a company meeting which was being held on short notice – less than one day’s notice, in fact.  Though Nick was clearly busy with other scheduled meetings and calls during his work day, he managed to talk me through the entire process of setting up what we needed in the time between his meetings and Accudemia was successfully used in the company meeting the next morning.  While he was coaching me through the import/setup process he also managed to teach me a few things about Microsoft Excel that will help in generating reports from Accudemia and other helpful hints that will help use Accudemia more effectively in the future. He was patient and meticulous throughout the entire process and I appreciate it greatly!

Austin Community College

Tray Cushing

IT Administrator, Applications

Austin Community College has experienced marked advances in collecting and recording information with the integration and launching of Accudemia across the district.  The flexibility and ease with which the application can be managed and configured has allowed multiple departments to track, monitor, and report on numerous activities.  The data collected fulfills vital departmental requests resulting in opportunities for process improvements and ultimately an increase in student success.

What Type of Services can Accudemia Help with? 

Tutoring | Advising | Counseling | Athletic | Coaching | Fitness
Success and Learning Centers | Mathematics | Labs | TRiO | Supplemental Instruction

What Can Accudemia Do?

Save Time

Minimize the amount of time spent gathering and tabulating visitation data.

Improve Accuracy

Enhance accuracy of attendance tracking by reducing the amount of common human data entry errors.

Connect Confidently

Link with popular online meeting platforms so that you can continue to support students online.

Eliminate Other Products

Drop the need for multiple products. Save not only money but time with an all-in-one center management platform.

View Data and Analytics

Access and view data and analytics such as student traffic patterns as well as staff scheduling needs.

Provide Reporting

Present various reports for administrators, from funding decisions to accreditation requirements.

Showcase Services

Simplify the way for students to know what is offered and how to take advantage of the support services.

Go Green

Reduce the need for sign-in sheets and paper trails; Submit documents online prior to appointments.

Witness Impact

Help students with retention initiatives and witness how support resources can impact student success.

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