AccuClub Main Features

AccuClub Features

  • Cloud-based.  All you need is a web-browser.  No need to buy servers or install software!
  • Simple to set up and use.  Get up and running in minutes.
  • Multiple options for recording member attendance.  Select the one that is best for you:
  1. Use RFID / proximity reader to quickly record the attendance.
  2. Use a barcode reader or a magnetic strip reader to swipe and record the attendance.
  3. Use a keyboard and have members type their ID number.
  4. Use an Apple device (iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone) to run our AccuClub app.
  • Create recurring and/or one time events / classes at one or more locations and track the attendance to each event or class.
  • Assign credits to members and define any credit restrictions and/or discount methods.
  • Quickly make any computer a sign in station. Sign in directly through the browser or AccuClub App.
  • Quickly view members' credit usage and visits.
  • Easily import your events, operators, and/or members.
  • Easily export your attendance data to other applications.