AccuClub - Membership Attendance Tracking

Easily Track Attendance at your Club, Gym, Studio, Dojo, Field or Facility

Need to track the attendance of your members?  Then you will love AccuClub! AccuClub is the easy way to create membership plans, set up events or classes, assign and track usage credits, and track attendance. Experience it yourself by applying for a complimentary trial account below.

Are you looking for tracking member sign-in at your YMCA, gym, health club, spas, or studios (yoga, dance, karate, pilates, etc.)?  You will be glad you found AccuClub!

Use the attendance tracking method of your choice with AccuClub

  1. Use one or more computers as a Sign-in station and have members sign in by swiping their ID card or type their member ID number on the keyboard.   
  2. For an even faster method, use the incredibly affordable and amazingly cool RFID Technology. Simply have the members pass their RFID key fob or club RFID Wristband over the RFID reader to record the attendance. Click here for more information on this option.
  3. Use the portable Apple device (iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, or iPhone) with the AccuClub app to record the attendance. Click here for more info.

Track Usage of your Classes and Member Activities

Want to know how many members use each of your fitness classes?  This is easy with AccuClub.  Simply use an RFID Wall-mounted time clock at the entrance of your classroom and have members pass their RFID key fob or bracelet to record their attendance.  Have barcode tags instead of RFID?  No problem.  Simply use the AccuClub app on an Apple iPad kiosk to scan member's barcodes and record the attendance!  It's quick, easy, and surprisingly affordable. Contact us for more info.

Enjoy the Advantages of a cloud-based system

AccuClub is cloud-based software (online/web-based).  This offers many advantages:

  1. Quick: Create your account almost instantly.  Be up and running in a short time.
  2. Easy: There is no need for installation CDs, database installation, web server configuration, storage space allocation, etc.  All you need to use AccuClub is a web browser!
  3. Economical: You do not need to buy expensive web servers, Windows server licenses, SQL Server licenses, and other software needed to run the system.
  4. Smart: You do not need to use an IT company or person for installation, maintenance, or support of AccuClub.
  5. Accessible: You can log in to your account from anywhere, anytime.

Complimentary Trial Account!

We believe that when you try AccuClub, you will want to keep using it.  That is why we are offering you a no obligation 30-day trial of AccuClub. Please use a valid email account when you sign up for your free account.  Simply fill out this form to apply.

Client Testimonial


"AccuClub has helped us at SouthGate Campus Centre, a private dormitory for college students, advance into the modern era.  Before AccuClub our Dining Hall could only track how many meals a person had available, but with the AccuClub software we are able to do so much more.  Now when we swipe a member's card we see a large picture of the member to visually verify them, we track when they eat on any given day, and how many times they actually use their meal plan. This lets us track how much food we should be buying and try to predict when there will be high traffic times.  AccuClub has given us so much more information and saved us thousands of dollars on food costs." 

Nicholas Clark, Tallahassee, FL