AccuClass Software – September Update

Version 2 of AccuClass cloud-based software was published on September 22, 2016.  Here is a list of the changes:

New Features

  • Added 3 new Attendance Summary reports with summaries: Class, Student, and Semester.

  • Added a welcome wizard to help new users set up their AccuClass account.
  • Added the ability to schedule the import and export of data.

  • Added account expiration email reminders, 14 days before and the day before expiration.
  • Added option to cancel a specific session (available under Edit Class > View/Edit Sessions)

  • Added option in the AccuClass Hub to operate in a Kiosk mode instead of using the In/Out option available on the sign-in station.  The In/Out automatic selection for the swipe is based on the swipe's time and class time.
  • Added option to enroll and drop multiple students by pasting their IDs.  This is a quicker way to add or drop a group of students than manually.


  • The class sessions are now automatically updated if you change the semester dates
  • Added setting "Allow signing-out late by" to allow students to sign out after the class has ended.

  • The semester filter list in the Classes screen is now sorted with the latest semester first.
  • Added the year in the Roll Call and Attendance Sheet screens.
  • Renamed the “Attendance Summary” report to the more accurate “Attendance Log”.
  • Added the labels 'loading...' and 'No students found' in the Attendance Logs screens.
  • Improved display of the weekly schedule view when the sessions are too short.
  • While editing a class, now it says "Check sessions after saving: [ ] Automatic | [ ] Manual". 
  • Added ability to add Semesters, Departments, and Classrooms without leaving the Create Class screen:

  • Fixed time display Unresolved Swipes and Swipe Details screens
  • Fixed QR label sorting
  • Improved student enrollment screen (now pressing Enter adds the student directly and shows who's enrolled)
  • Improved import screen layout:

  • Fixed layout and responsiveness of the computer sign-in station.

  • Changed Main Menu organization and changed the names of several links/buttons across the system

We also updated the AccuClass iOS app.