AccuClass Licensing Fees

AccuClass Licenses

  • Basic: for a single instructor tracking the attendance of one course with up to 50 students. 
  • Instructor: Designed for a single instructor with average size classes (up to 5 courses with up to 100 students per course).
  • Instructor+: Designed for a single instructor with large number of classes or enrollment (up to 10 courses with up 500 students per course).
  • Institution: Designed for more than one instructor.  Offers administrative access and free phone and email support.  Unlimited instructors, courses, and students (subject to license fee).

Free 30-Day Account

Enjoy your first 30 days of AccuClass for free!  There is no fee nor obligation to continue beyond the trial period.  You must be a teacher, instructor, professor, or administrator in an educational institution to qualify.  Simply request the free trial after you open your free trial account.  Open your free account now by clicking here.

Licensing Fees

Here is a table showing the different AccuClass licenses, restrictions, and fees.  Note that the fees shown below are per academic semester or quarter.  An academic semester or quarter can be up to four (4) calendar months long.

* 50 cents per class registration with $500 per semester minimum.  For example, an institution that wants to track attendance of 30 freshman courses each with an average of 40 registered students per course would have 30 courses * 40 students = 1,200 registrations.  At 50 cents per registration, the license fee for this institution would be 1,200 * $0.50 = $600 per semester.

So in summary:

  • First 30 days of any license is always free.
  • Basic account with single instructor tracking the attendance of a single course with up to 50 students is always free.
  • Average instructor account for one instructor with up to 5 course and up to 100 students per course is $49/semester.
  • Large instructor account for one instructor with up to 10 courses and up to 500 students per course is $99/semester.
  • Institution account with unlimited students, courses, and instructors is 50 cents per student per course.  Good for one semester up to four (4) months long.  $500 per semester fee minimum.
  • AccuClass will enforce the licensing limits you choose.  This means the software will not allow more students or registrations than you have licensed.

Annual Accounts

Users who plan to use AccuClass for more than a single semester can sign up for an annual account.  The annual account is valid for one year from the day of the order.  In addition to more convenient ordering process (one order per year instead of 3 semester orders) , there is a 15% + discount for annual accounts when compared to getting 3 Semester accounts.  Here are the fees for the annual accounts:

License Semester Fee Regular Annual Fee Discounted Annual Fee
Instructor 49 147 125
Instructor+ 99 297 250
Institution 0.50/registration $1.50/registration $1.275/registration

Phone and Email Support

Support via phone and direct email is available as follows:

  • Institutional Account: Complimentary phone and email support are included with your subscription.
  • Single Instructor Account (Basic, Instructor, and Instructor+): To keep the costs low, support is NOT included with these accounts. Instructors can add 10 Support Units that can be used towards phone and email support for $299/year.  Per-incident support can be added for $129/Support Unit.

Terms of Service

Please review the AccuClass terms of service here. For our Privacy Policy, click here.

Other Information:

  • No setup fee.
  • No long-term contracts.
  • No cancellation fee. 
  • You can order the service for one semester or for the entire year.
  • Cancel any time.  Get full refund for a semester if you cancel before the start of that semester.  No refund for a semester after it has started.  
  • You will continue to have access to your account until the end of the paid semester.  Renew your subscription for continuous access.
  • Free support offered for all accounts via the online support forum.  Note that this is offered as non-priority support.
  • Email and phone support offered for free with institutional licenses. Basic, Instructor, and Instructor+ license holders can order phone and email support for $299 per year (covers up to ten incidents).
  • Basic, Instructor, and Instructor+ accounts are licensed for a single instructor only and cannot be shared nor transferred.
  • A semester subscription is a 4-month long period.  The subscription period starts on the day of the order and ends 4 months after that.  For example, if an order is placed on January 5 for a signle semester subscription, then the subscription period will be January 5 to April 4.  If you want your subscription period to start AFTER the order date, then make sure to specify the subscription's start date on your order.
  • The fee for the Institution account is based on the number of class registrations and licensed in increments of 100.  No credit will be offered for unused registrations.

NOTE: Licensing terms and fees are subject to change without notice.