Class Attendance Software Features

AccuClass Features

  1. Cloud-based.  All you need is a web-browser.  No need to buy servers or install software!
  2. Simple to set up and use.  Get up and running in minutes.
  3. Multiple options for recording class attendance.  View these methods here, then select the one that is best for you:
    • Use RFID / proximity reader to quickly record the attendance.
    • Call the roll via computer connected to the web.
    • Call the roll via an Apple device (iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone) or Android device using our special AccuClass app.
    • Use a computer as a sign-in station and have students sign in by swiping their student ID card.
    • Use a wall-mounted time clock
    • Display a QR code for students to scan via the AccuClass mobile app
    • Use Bluetooth to sign in students within the area via the AccuClass mobile app
  4. Support custom attendance status in addition to the default: Present, Absent, Tardy, Early Departure, and Excused.
  5. Quickly view attendance status for the entire semester using the Attendance Sheet.
  6. Easily export your attendance data to other applications.
  7. Engage students by using Live Polls to ask questions to your students on their mobile device and quickly view the responses via charts and graphs.
  8. Facilitate better relationships with your student using Preferred Names and Vocie Recording. Students can set their preferred names and record themselves pronouncing their names.
  9. Can be used by a single instructor (indvidual account) or by the entire institution.

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