AccuCampus Hosting Options

AccuCampus can be used in one of two ways: As a service with Engineerica hosting it (hosted in the cloud), or as software hosted on your institution's web servers (self-hosted).

1. Hosted in the Cloud

The majority of our clients use AccuCampus as a service following the Software as a Service or SaaS model.  With this model, our company, Engineerica, hosts the software and the database for you in the Amazon cloud - one of the world's most secure and fastest data facilities located in Northern Virginia.  The SaaS models offer the users many benefits including:
  • No need to install new software - all you need is a web browser!
  • No need to buy and set up an expensive web server.
  • No need to buy or set up web server software like operating systems, database engines, SSL certificates, etc.
  • No need to use up your precious IT department time in setting up, managing, and maintaining the system.
  • Quicker start: We can open your new account in a matter of seconds!
  • Easier troubleshooting: Our senior support staff can log in to your system remotely to troubleshoot issues.
  • Quick access to software updates and upgrades.  These are installed by our support staff and are available to SaaS users as soon as they are published.
  • Free technical support via phone, email, and online assistance.

You can see from the above why more than 90% of AccuCampus clients use it as a cloud-based service.  We strongly recommend the SaaS option.

 2. Self-Hosted

This option is provided for colleges that are required to host the application and database on their own servers.  Here is how to set this up:

  1. Contact us for a price quote on the Self-Hosted option.
  2. Order the AccuCampus software and contact us to schedule a mutually convenient date for the installation.  Please allow a minimum two-week notice from receiving your order to the installation date.
  3. Consult with our support team for the specs of the recommended web server hardware, operating system, and software.  For a quick reference, please visit the Hosting Requirements page.
  4. Get the web server and install the required software (e.g. OS, SQL Server, etc.)
  5. Meet with our support staff for the scheduled online remote assistance session to set up AccuCampus on your server.  Allow a minimum of one day for the remote installation.  Many installations take longer depending on your server, network settings, and requirements.
  6. Once installed, import your student and enrollment data to AccuCampus.
  7. Test the system to verify everything is working to your satisfaction.  Contact our support team if you have any questions.
  8. Start using AccuCampus!

NOTE 1: We must have your Purchase Order before we can schedule the installation session.  A minimum of two weeks' notice between receiving the order to the installation date is required, so plan accordingly.

NOTE 2:  The installation will be made on a single server only.  The server must meet our specs.  Deviation from this might be possible for an additional fee.  Contact us with any special requirements before you place your order.  


Installing AccuCampus on your college server is a complex and time-consuming process that could take up to 3 business days.  There is a $2,500 setup fee per server for the self-hosted option.  If you need reinstallation on the same or even on a different server, the installation fee applies again.  Keep in mind that this fee only covers installing AccuCampus.  IT work on the server (e.g. setting up the OS, installing IIS, installing SQL Server, installing mail server, installing SSL, etc.) is not included.  If you need us to do IT work, please contact us for a price quote.

If you want to use the text messaging feature in AccuCampus, you will need to set up an account with a third-party text messaging provider.  Additional fees may apply.  Contact us for the details.


A 20% annual support fee is required for the self-hosted installations.  This fee is an addition to the regular license fee and covers phone, email, and online support.  Up to TWO complimentary software updates and upgrades per year are provided on demand.

Self-Hosted Server Requirements

If you're thinking of hosting AccuCampus on your own servers, take into account that you need a web server and software to run the system.  Also, depending on the installation there might be different requirements, such as a dedicated firewall or a load balancing server; it all depends on the size of your institution and the performance and security requirements you might have. Please ask your system administrator for more information on these topics.

A basic installation will require you to install the following proprietary software*:

    Microsoft Windows Web Server 2008 R2
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition R2

For full details on the requirements, please visit Hosting Requirements. Also, other free software might need to be installed. If you already have licenses of other versions or editions of the products listed above, please contact us to know if they're supported. Some limitations might apply, or some features might not be available. Installation and support fees might vary if other software is used.

The server hardware requirements depend on the server load.

There are additional fees and limitations associated with self-hosting as shown above.

Contact us before you buy the server to get the most updated information and recommendations from our support team.