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NEW: Campus Communities

We are excited to announce a new extension to Accudemia, AccuTrack, AccuSQL, and AccuCampus: The Communities. This feature provides a safe medium for your students to exchange goods and information and collaborate online.

The Communities are:

Students can exchange goods and information online. For example, students can ask other students about available academic services, how to pass a difficult course, or even take collaborative class notes!

Students posting on the site can do so without exposing their contact info. The site will mark the student as Verified, meaning that the student is confirmed to be a student at that college. If the exchange involves an exchange of goods, the students can meet on campus to conduct the transaction.

Even more exciting: Students will be able to interact with students from other colleges! For example, if an item your student is seeking is not be available at your college, the site will show options from other colleges! This facilitates engagement across different colleges.

The Communities is offered as a free extension to your exciting Engineerica software. Neither the institution nor the students are charged any fees for using the service.


You can make the Communities feature available to your students in one of three ways:

(1) RECOMMENDED METHOD: You can subscribe all your students to the Communities and automatically verify them.  The system will email the students to let them know about the service.  To do this in Accudemia, sign in to your Accudemia account and click "Communities" in the menu. Learn how here.  For AccuTrack/AccuSQL, you can download a special utility that will add your students to the Communities and automatically verify them.  Contact us for a copy of this utility.

(2) MANUALLY: You can announce the service to your students outside of software. Simply explain what this service does and invite them to join the website. If they use their college email address, then the system will email them an activation link to verify them. The website address is:

(3) VIA SIGN-IN PROCESS: When students sign in to Accudemia: the software will offer to email them info about this new service. If they answer “Yes”, then an email invitation will be sent to the student. The students can then join the community and will get verified when they confirm their college email address.  Click here for more info.

We hope that you will take advantage of this new capability in your software by making it available to your students.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


The Engineerica Team

Conference Tracker New Release

We are pleased to announce a new release of Conference Tracker with many new enhancements.  These enhancements were mostly based on users' feedback and requests.  Here is a list of these enhancements:


  1. Added a new session evaluation analytics report. This is a chart based report that provides statistical information on the feedback collected from surveys on the different sessions. 
  2. If using a Conference Tracker generated card ID, the ID is now10-character random alphanumeric strings (e.g. 6C468820BE) instead of sequential ID number.
  3. Added support for single 4"*3" label for the conference badge.  This is useful for on-site label printers.  
  4. Enabled badges, certificates and transcripts to show user defined custom registration fields.  They can also show the user custom fields.
  5. Added a new file export that shows the attendees and their registration information.  The export is titled "Attendees incl. Reg Info".
  6. Added new e-mail templates for sending automatic registration confirmation to exhibitors.  The template is now different for when registration to conference only is accepted vs. registration to conference and Conference Leads.
  7. Added the ability to import companies and their information.  This is useful for importing exhibitors into the system.
  8. Added the option to update the registration information in the user (not while editing the registration itself which will remain as-is, but when changing the attendee that is already in the system).
  9. Users’ edit screen now shows “(# not assigned)” next to the user’s full name when he does not have a card assigned. In the case he has a card number assigned the # is shown.
  10. Bug fixes and other minor changes.


  1. The attendee app now displays session descriptions.  These can be imported in.
  2. Login flow for new users has been enhanced.  When an attendee signs in to the app for the first time, they will automatically get an e-mail message with their new password sent to their email address in the Conference Tracker database.  If the person attempting to log in to the app is not an attendee, then a message is shown suggesting to contact the conference organizer.
  3. Exhibitors now can be marked as sponsors of the conference. Organizers can customize sponsor types (defining name, color, importance, etc.…). The attendee app has now a new section to display sponsors!
  4. Expanded the orange statistics box to show number of attendees who logged into the Conference Attendee app and number of users of Conference Attendee App. 


  • Added a new section in the app that shows Engineerica’s support e-mail and phone number.

We hope you will find these improvements useful.  Feel free to suggest enhancements for future releases on our user feedback site here: 


Take advantage of our new AccuSQL subscription plan!

Do you need a solution to manage and track student usage at your center
Are you on an old and outdated version of AccuTrack or AccuSQL?

Our latest AccuSQL subscription offers more features and capabilities but is as user friendly as ever.

For a limited time only, we are offering an upgrade to our AccuSQL subscription at half the cost.

This offer is only valid for the next 90 days.

Click here to inquire about taking advantage of this offer at your Institution or Center!

Allow your students to create, view and cancel appointments online and from their own devices as well as sign up for seminars or workshops and even complete surveys with WebGateway.
Have a computer Lab? Eliminate the sign-in station at the front and allow your students to sign directly into a lab computer with our Computer Lab Software.
Manage your student intake with our WaitingList including the ability to text students when it’s their turn, and the ability to display the waiting list on monitors within the lobby.
Designed for centers with roaming staff, StaffTab will allow staff to use a Windows Tablet to sign students in from a waiting list, leave notes or comments on the session, create the next appointment and even sign the student out when the session is over.
Fighting for space within your center? Retire your PC sign-in station and use SignInTab with a touchscreen Windows tablet for sign-in and out.
Designed for simplicity, our StaffPanel helps staff to be more productive by simplifying access to their daily functions through one screen. From Signing a student in from the waitinglist, to leaving notes or comments or even scheduling the next appointment, this module is a must have for those busy centers.
Need assistance with creating the best practices for your center? Meet with our implementation specialist for a complimentary 2 hour session to learn methods for using AccuSQL to its full potential.


Click here to inquire about taking advantage of this offer at your Institution or Center!


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Recent update and enhancements to our cloud application servers

During the Thanksgiving holiday we implemented the following maintenance tasks on our cloud-based application servers which we hope you enjoy and never have to think about.  Please take a moment to review the update:

  1. Upgraded underlying software to the most recent versions to improve the overall system's performance, reliability and security.
    • Database Analysis Services that includes many new enhancements providing improved performance, easier solution authoring, automated database management, enhanced relationships with bi-directional cross filtering, parallel partition processing, and much more.
    • Improvements to the Database Engine.
    • Better Database Manageability, Connectivity, Usability and productivity
  2. Enabled "Data Encryption at rest" in addition to our existing "Data Encryption in Use" security.
    Data is at rest when it is stored on a hard drive. In this relatively secure state, information is primarily protected by conventional perimeter-based defenses such as firewalls and anti-virus programs. However, these barriers are not impenetrable. Organizations need additional layers of defense to protect sensitive data from intruders in the event that the network is compromised.

    Encrypting hard drives is one of the best ways to ensure the security of data at rest. Other steps can also help, such as storing individual data elements in separate locations to decrease the likelihood of attackers gaining enough information to commit fraud or other crimes.

    This means there is little chance that in the event of a successful breach of the security measures in place the attacker would have access to the data as it is still secured through encryption.

    Just to explain our existing security measures... Data Encryption in use is a way of protecting data being used which is more vulnerable than data at rest because, by definition, it must be accessible to those who need it. Of course, the more people and devices that have access to the data, the greater the risk that it will end up in the wrong hands at some point. The keys to securing data in use are to control access as tightly as possible and to incorporate some type of authentication to ensure that users aren’t hiding behind stolen identities.
  3. And performed other routine maintenance operations.

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AccuSQL 2017 & AccuTrack 2017 Ready for Release

Engineerica Systems, Inc. is proud to present version 2017 of its award winning AccuSQL and AccuTrack software for official release. For AccuSQL 2017, we spent a good deal of time working on modules that allow tutors, advisors or other staff to create their own appointment schedules through AccuSQL or the Web Gateway MVC module. After schedules are submitted, AccuSQL system administrators can review course coverage, modify the submitted schedules as needed and then approve them. Once approved, they can then broadcast the schedule to all members via email.  Tutors/advisors/staff further have the ability to set particular blocks of time as preferred blocks when they are building their schedules.

If staff are using custom schedules, they can create override schedules that sit on top of the regular semester schedules. These custom schedules can be entered either from the Tutor Pad or via Web Gateway MVC.

Other improvements and enhancements include a new student portal called Campus Roost that enables students to share ideas, post messages, and exchange information, local lab support for appointment reminders and no-show notifications, the ability to copy seminars, new media renewal capability, and several improvements to how data is filtered in and displayed in numerous user screens, among many others.

To learn more about the enhancements and additions to AccuTrack/AccuSQL,


We look forward to assisting our current Platinum Support Plan customers with this exciting upgrade. As always, customers who have an active platinum support plan for AccuTrack/AccuSQL are eligible for this upgrade to the 2017 version at no additional cost. This includes upgrades to any AccuTrack/AccuSQL module that also has a current Platinum Support Plan coverage. To request the AccuTrack/AccuSQL upgrade, please fill out the AccuSQL 2017 Upgrade Request form at Our support technicians will begin fulfilling upgrade requests starting in the next few days on a first come, first served basis.

For those unfamiliar with our AccuSQL add-on modules, each module is a powerful student tracking tool and is available at a nominal cost or included at no cost if you are an AccuSQL subscription member. Please contact us at or call 888-249-7227 to obtain the pricing details or to check your current license type.

Thank you,

The Engineerica team

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Sunset Announcement for AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2015

With the release of AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2017, we are announcing the end-of-life for AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2015 on December 31, 2016. After this date, there will be no further releases of AccuTrack/AccuSQL version 2015 of any kind, and phone, direct email, and online support will no longer be provided. Also no software updates, upgrades, or installation software will be provided, including the installation CD or software downloads. Because of the above limitations, we strongly recommend that AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2015 users upgrade to the latest version of AccuTrack before the end of this year. Versions older that 2015 are already past their end-of-life and already under the same limitations. 

*If you are not a current Platinum Subscription customer, please contact us at or call 888-249-7227 to learn how you can get back on track with your support through exciting new comprehensive software bundles.

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Thank you for an awesome 2016!

On behalf of the entire team here at Engineerica Systems, we would like to extend our warmest wishes to you for the holiday season. We want to thank you for being our valued customer in 2016 and greatly anticipate working with you again in the coming year. We have so much in store for 2017 and are excited to unveil all that we’ve been working on to improve our products and services.

Our office will be closed Monday, December 26th to Monday, January 2nd. During that time, we will have limited access to phone and email, but will return correspondence as soon as we can.

Have a happy holiday season and a happy new year!

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Take Tracking and Retention to the Next Level with AccuCampus!

Engineerica’s newest product, AccuCampus, is our most robust higher education tracking system yet, and one of the most advanced on the market. As retention becomes a larger focus at an increasing number of institutions, we have brought the features many of you love into AccuCampus and added student-facing components which enhance their college experience and direct them to the resources most useful to them as individuals. It is easy to use, and our team takes care of all the set-up and works with each of your entities to ensure their processes translate smoothly into the system.

Many of our best AccuCampus clients are actually institutions who have upgraded after years of experience with AccuSQL, AccuTrack, or Accudemia, as the learning curve is much lower and our current users already know how to get the most out of their tracking systems.

So, as a current customer, how do you know if you’re ready to consider AccuCampus? Our consultants know the signs and can help you decide, but usually we recommend it if we see some of the following indications:

  • More than ten areas across the institution are using the current product, or the institution has their product running on more than one database
  • One or more area has complex policies and procedures that have proven difficult to replicate in the current system
  • A large number of tutors or staff members are tracking hours and appointments across several areas
  • More than one area wishes to use Student Profiles, Feedback Surveys, and/or Session Logs
  • The institution is making good use of Seminars, Success Plans, and/or Media Checkout
  • The institution is seeking more flexibility in their tracking system, a more targeted way to communicate with students about their services, and/or a greater ability to track students and assess their success and needs throughout their entire college career

If any of these apply to you, contact today to set up your FREE AccuCampus demo. We’ll review the service with you and talk about the differences between AccuCampus and your current system, and how AccuCampus could enhance your students’ experiences, provide relief for your staff, and help you truly assess and improve retention at your institution.

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Maintenance on Nov 24 & 25

We just wanted to let you know that during the Thanksgiving holiday and the Friday after that (November 24 and 25), we will be performing maintenance tasks on our servers. The following services will be down most of the time those 2 days: Accudemia, Conference Tracker, Conference Leads, AccuClub, AccuTraining, AccuCampus, AccuWB.

If you need to use one of those services during those days, we have Apps you can download to use those services offline. You would just need to prepare your devices in advance to be able to track attendance during those days.

We expect the maintenance tasks will help improve the service we provide.

For more information, contact or give us a call at 888-249 7227

Thank you,

The Engineerica Team

AccuClass New Release

We are pleased to announce a new update to AccuClass, our class attendance tracking software.  The update includes both the cloud-based software and the Apple iOS app.  New features to the software include the ability to schedule data imports and exports, ability to cancel a certain session, a new cool way to mass register or drop students, and numerous other improvements.  The iOS app has been completely redesigned to make it more user-friendly and easier to use.

For a detailed list of the new features and improvements to the cloud-based software, click here.

For a details list of the improvements to the AccuClass app, click here.

Engineerica welcomes Rachel Cook and Dylan Price to the team!

There are two new faces in the Engineerica office that we’d like to introduce to you!

Rachel Cook - Implementation Specialist

Rachel Cook is a member of our Implementation and AccuCampus team. She works closely with new and established clients to create the best experience possible with our student tracking products. She comes to Engineerica with over six years of higher education experience, working as a learning center manager at Hillsborough Community College and Florida SouthWestern State College, where she developed a strong foundation in Engineerica’s products. As a former end user in a similar role to many of our clients, she provides a unique perspective and is well-equipped to assist them. During her time in higher education, Rachel worked on several retention initiatives and committees, and loved getting to see students succeed in their academic and professional goals. She is eager to help clients use Engineerica’s software to see the same results with their students.

Dylan Price - National Account Representative

Dylan Price is a member of our Conference Tracker sales team.  He works to help companies and institutions that are looking for a way to enhance and streamline their attendance tracking processes during their conference especially when it comes to tracking CEUs (Continuing Education Credits).  He comes to us from the University of Central Florida partnership with High Watt Power Sales that sought out clients whom needed to improve their sales process to generate greater company revenues.  Using this experience he hopes to make Conference Tracker the must-have product for all conferences.  He loves to help others and this shows in his work efforts thus far and in the relationships he builds with his clients.  Outside of Engineerica Dylan is a minor league baseball player being scouted by the majors.


We wish these new members of our team the best and hope that everyone gives them a warm welcome if you get an opportunity to speak to them!

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Nominate our Software for the 2017 UB Readers' Choice Top Products Award!

Nominations are open for UB READERS' CHOICE TOP PRODUCTS!

The University Business Readers' Choice Top Products annual awards program alerts college and university leaders from across the country about the products their peers are using to operate their institutions more efficiently and enhance students’ experiences.  As always we value and need your feedback so if you can take some time to nominate your AccuCampus, AccuTrack, AccuSQL, Accudemia, or any of our software use the link below:

The nomination period for the 2017 award year closes October 3, 2016.


View the winners of the 2016 Readers




Voting for the 2016 CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY READERS' CHOICE AWARDS is now open!

Here at Engineerica we value and need your feedback! The second annual CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY READERS' CHOICE AWARDS will recognize outstanding contributions to education, from classroom instruction to IT systems and support.

Vote for your favorite software services such as AccuCampus, Accudemia, AccuTrack, AccuSQL, AccuClass, or any of our software that you consider vital to the job of educating and supporting the mission and business of higher education.


The 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards will be the cover story in the October edition of "Campus Technology."

Voting Deadline: August 31, 2016



New Accudemia Licensing Model

In an effort to provide the best possible service to academic centers, Engineerica is changing the licensing model of its cloud-based academic center management software, Accudemia.

Starting with February 5, 2016, the following changes will take effect:

1. The Accudemia Institution subscription fee will be based on the number of centers / labs using the software - not the number of active students.  The fee will start at $3,700 which includes one center.  Each additional center will have an additional fee and will get one technical contact and one Getting Started online assistance session. 

2. The maximum number of active students allowed in the Institution subscription  is 20,000 * # of centers.  For example, an account with 5 centers will be allowed 5*20,000 or 100,000 students.

3. The Single Center subscription fee will be $1,990 and includes SSL and up to 10,000 students.  

For detailed information on these subscription plans, visit the Accudemia ordering page

Current Users

Accudemia subscribers who ordered their subscription before Feb 5, 2016 will be able to continue with their subscription as is.  When their Accudemia subscription expires, they can either renew it using the same subscription model, or they may change to the new licensing model. Users on the new subscription model cannot switch to the old model.



New AccuSQL Licensing Model

In an effort to provide the best possible service to academic centers, Engineerica is changing the licensing model to its popular academic center management software, AccuSQL.

Starting with February 1, 2016, AccuSQL will be licensed as follows:

  1. AccuSQL will be offered as an annual subscription service.
  2. The subscription will include the main software and the following add-ons: Web Gateway, Computer Lab Software, AccuPad, and AccuSignIn.  No additional fee is required for using these add-ons.
  3. The subscription fee will depend on the number of academic centers / labs using the software.
  4. The minimum would be one academic center or lab.  Each additional center will require an additional fee.
  5. Each center can have its own technical contact.  
  6. Each center can get one complimentary online getting started session (one per year).

Current AccuSQL users have the option of either:

1) Upgrade their license to the new subscription model, OR

2) Keep their current license.  This includes renewing their Platinum Support Plan as usual and buying add-ons seprately.

View the new licensing model press release here: