AccuCampus - Student Engagement and Retention System

AccuCampus is an institution-wide solution for increasing student engagement through collaboration, management, and assessment of student resources.  The cloud-based system will connect your student services in order to foster collaborations within your entire institution. The synergy created from connecting your services is focused on helping students succeed in college. AccuCampus empowers students by providing them with the help they need and by directing them to available resources. This student facing system allows students to more easily navigate the convoluted landscape of higher education with the information and confidence needed to succeed. 

Here at Engineerica we believe that this nation’s higher education institutions already know and provide the resources it takes to ensure the success of every student. The true challenge for our institutions is to connect all of these resources into one solution the student can understand and properly utilize. We also believe that the solution should be comprehensive yet not a duplicate of the systems the institutions are already utilizing.

Let us show you how one solution can place student success in the hands of the student, with an intense engagement level that will see all students through to graduation, not just those who are potentially at risk.

Engage Every Student

AccuCampus allows an institution to pool all student resources and project this information to the students who would best benefit from its usage. Students become highly engaged through the student-facing views available via a web and mobile app that assists in navigating the many resources available to them. Students have the opportunity to rate any interaction with the institution and also help other students find the best resources. AccuCampus is not limited to certain student types or student phases as it can provide this navigation from the time a person first become a prospective student all they way through to alumnus status.

Engage Every Campus Resource

No matter the program, department, initiative or goal, AccuCampus allows all resources to not only increase the engagement of students within their area but also to manage the area more effectively. Faculty and staff members can finally be free of the time consuming tasks of management and spend more time meeting the needs of the students. This includes anything from a financial aid office to housing, athletics, honors programs and more.

Simple, Secure Usage for All Types of User Roles

AccuCampus is a cloud-based solution that can be used by any type of higher educational user. Parents, faculty, students, alumni, and even community partners can make use of the system with specific permissions that ensure proper security. Even the most complicated organizational maps can be reflected in AccuCampus’ roles and permissions. Resources that handle sensitive data like accessibility programs and behavioral intervention teams can finally co-exist in a system thus benefiting greatly from seeing the whole picture when addressing student success.

Analyze Engagement at Any Level

AccuCampus simplifies the management of all types of interactions with students. From the simple large group attendance of events to the intimate couching sessions with advisers and counselors, Accucampus allows these areas to set-up unique processes for handling and recording student interaction. Even large common areas where many different services are offered can accurately plan for and track which students are using or should be using their services.

Assess How Resources Impact Student Success

AccuCampus offers a highly flexible set of tools that allows the institution to not only access all of their student resources but also to automate a great deal of the assistance to students in their exploration of these resources. The institution can analyze the ebb and flow of students through its many different resources and existing systems. As student use the resources, the institutions can then compare usage to success benchmarks. These benchmarks can be as simple as analyzing wait times at particular service areas or as complex as knowing which services or staff members are in high demand on particular days and times. The scope of the assessment can be a large as the entire institution or as small as corner café near a study area.

Develop a Realistic and Obtainable Implementation Plan

The Engineerica team will become your partner in the daunting task of implementing such a comprehensive solution and will see you through to your student success goals. Our strategy and assistance is straightforward and tailored to your unique needs. We have the experience and expertise to assist you through all of your student success initiatives, grant funded goals, accreditation mandates, and even the frustrating accommodations for turnover.