How can AccuCampus help your institution reach its student success goals?

Our Three Guiding Principles


Know which resources your students are using with simple and flexible tracking methods.


Combine tracking, demographic, and scholastic data into unique algorithms to assess the individual needs and risk level of each student, and reach out to them automatically with unique student-facing features.


Spend more time with your students, and less time managing your tools.

How AccuCampus Adapts to Every Area

AccuCampus adapts to every area in your institution.

AccuCampus is a solution for your whole institution and can be utilized by students, faculty, and staff. To learn more about how AccuCampus can help you, tell us a little bit more about your role.

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Nia Haydel

"I can confidently attest to the positive benefits of this product for institutions desiring to use data to validate their efforts and create learning environments that promote optimal experiences for their students."

Nia Woods Haydel, Ph.D., Dillard University

Pat Krauss

"I found the experience with AccuCampus to actually be the easiest IT innovation that I have worked on to date. I would recommend AccuCampus to anyone in higher education who needs a comprehensive, affordable scheduling and retention tool."

Pat Krauss, Jacksonville University

Angie St. John

"Our AccuCampus representative has been phenomenal in answering questions, paying attention to fine details, responding quickly, and providing exceptional customer service!"

Angie St. John, Cleveland State Community College

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